What is a Fire Audit?

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When and How do I organise a Fire Safety Audit

You never know when disaster will strike. At the very least, you need to be prepared in case you or your property ever gets involved in unfortunate accidents like fires.

Being prepared is not easy, but it can be done with the help of the right people. Completing a fire safety audit by contacting skilled fire certifiers in Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle or the Hunter Region is an invaluable way to protect your property. But first, let’s talk about what fire audits entail.

What You Should Know about Fire Audits

What You Should Know about Fire Audits

A fire safety audit is a review of a building’s documents and premises to determine its preparedness for, and management of fire safety. In a fire audit, you will show how ready your property and people are with regards to the proper equipment, training, facilities, and evacuation plan in case fires happen.

Australian Standards 1851 (AS 1851) is the standard regulation that building owners must comply with to meet Australian fire protection systems safety standards. All fire auditors, inspectors, regulators, contractors, and building owners must follow and uphold the standards provided by AS 1851.

Coverage of AS 1851

The Australian Standard AS 1851 has undergone numerous modifications since it was first introduced in order to cover the essential areas in fire safety and protection. It covers:

  • Evacuation plans
  • Fire monitoring systems
  • Fire alarms and smoke alarms
  • Fire, smoke management, and venting for heat and smoke
  • Other fire safety equipment (extinguishers, blankets, sprinklers, pump sets, etc.)
  • Fire monitoring systems
  • Fire alarms and smoke alarms
  • Fire, smoke management, and venting for heat and smoke
  • Other fire safety equipment (extinguishers, blankets, sprinklers, pump sets, etc.)

Australian Standards AS1851, AS3745 (planning for emergencies in facilities) and AS4655 (fire safety audits) are enshrined under the Building Code of Australia.

Fire Audit - What is a Fire Audit?

What are the benefits of a fire safety audit?

You have nothing to lose with a fire safety audit. Here are some of the advantages that business and building owners would have when they conduct regular fire safety audits and evaluations:

  • It Prevents Injury or Loss of Life

When your building gets audited, you will be able to address the pressing concerns regarding your building’s fire safety. This improves the wellbeing of the people working or living inside the building, directly impacting their productivity, efficiency, and overall sense of belonging.

  • It prevents potentially huge financial losses.

The worst thing that could happen to a building is that it’s burned to the ground, taking with it all of the assets kept within its premises. With ample fire prevention and accident-preparedness, there is a much greater likelihood that a building is equipped with enough resources to quell the fire before it becomes unmanageable. Undertaking a fire audit is a pre-emptive measure that allows you to protect your people, assets and resources, saving you thousands and even millions of dollars in the process.

  • It ensures that your building and business will continue operating.

In the past, businesses and buildings have been ordered to closed down because of their non-compliance with fire prevention standards. Make sure that you have regular fire audits so that you can have the necessary safety procedures, documents, and equipment needed for compliance.

Fire audits will help your business and building thrive. Make sure that you are compliant with fire safety standards so that you can reap the benefits of a fire-ready building.

When Should Fire Safety Audits Be Carried Out

When Should Fire Safety Audits Be Carried Out?

Fire safety audits should be done regularly, conducted across all areas within the premises of the property. In terms of scheduling fire audits, it should be done whenever there’s a significant change in the building or workplace dynamics, or on a yearly basis, whichever comes first. You should carry out an audit in the following circumstances:

Fire accident or incident within the building

If there has been any incident of fires within the building (no matter how small), it should be investigated properly. That way, you will know what the source of the accident is and how you can prevent it happening in the future.

Changes in the building layout or structure

If there are major changes in the structure or layout of a property or building, you should make sure to do a fire audit immediately. Evacuation plans differ depending on a property’s layout. The fire-safety equipment varies per building layout as well, so you should update the required fire-safety assets in your property.

Increase of people working or living in a building

The more people work in a building, the more people are at risk of accidents. A fire safety audit will tell you where the convenient placement of fire-safety equipment would be, and how to manage evacuation given the number of people inside the building. It helps you organise and manage the safety procedures better.

You should also conduct fire audits in case fire hazards and hazardous substances get stored in the building, if there are major changes on the machinery and equipment used for operations, or if employees with disabilities are introduced to the building.

How Do I organise a fire safety audit

How Do I organise a fire safety audit?

Fire safety audits should be done with the help of professional fire auditors. Here’s how you can organise a fire safety audit for your property or business:

Consult with your chosen contractor

Find a trusted contractor and start your consultation, such as Adair Fire Audits and Certification. They will ask about your concerns, general property history, as well as determine initial issues that should be addressed in the fire audit.

Arrange a Site visit

Once details are discussed, the fire auditors will do a site visit to check and analyse the property. They will look at your documents, procedures, and property fire-safety equipment to make sure that you are compliant.

Reporting and proposing solutions

Once a thorough inspection is finished, your contractor will make a report to show you where you are in terms of fire safety compliance. They will highlight where you are lacking and provide solutions through suggestions and feedback.


Once you have fixed the problem area in your property’s fire-safety compliance, they can process the documentation needed for your certification.


Your contractor, with the supporting documents, can handle the signing of your certification so that you have documentation for your fire safety compliance.

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