Who is adair fire safety audits - About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification

Who is Adair Fire Audits?

Adair Fire Audits is an independent organisation that specialises in fire protection building code audits and certification. We focus on solving your essential fire services compliance issues.

Our people are accredited through the FPAS scheme and we can endorse any essential fire safety measure.

We are here to help you

We can liaise with council, architects, builders and other stake holders on your behalf. We offer contracts with fixed prices so you don’t have to worry about ongoing obligations, we will contact YOU.

About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification


This ensures Adair Fire Audits’ consultants are always independent, providing you peace of mind. We assist you in providing supportive documentation so the site can submit required certification to council and NSW Fire Brigade.

About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification

Code of Conduct

Our company recognised and has adopted the NSW(New South Wales) Code of Conduct, a copy which may be forwarded upon request.

About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification


ADAIR Fire Audits carries all necessary insurance, to a value of $20 million.

About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification

Code of Ethics

Our company has adopted the NSW Government Code of Ethics, a copy can be forwarded for your perusal on request.

About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification

Occupational Health & Safety Act

All projects undertaken are carried out in accordance with our Safe Working Policy and Program. Upon the securement of a project, we undertake a site risk management survey, to effectively determine potential safety hazards.

About Adair Fire Audits - Fire Protection & Certification

Environmental Policy

Our management and staff are committed to an Environmental Policy and program in accordance with Australian Standards.

Why use us

We are experienced and able to present many options and recommendations based on cost effectiveness, through life costs and client requirements.

We can provide an independent assessment to you with peace of mind that the measures are being assessed and that information is passed on.

We do sites all over NSW. We regularly do regional runs to all areas of NSW and regularly are engaged to go across Australia to provide consultancy for sites.

Who are our clients

We undertake works for both end-user sites and fire protection companies

Fire audit (Custom) - Fire Protection & Certification - Adair Fire Audits

Benefits of AFAC for YOU

Fire protection companies deal with us because

Have you been issued a fire safety order?

AFAC understands the process of fire safety orders and can assist you through this process.

Essential Fire Safety Measures

Fire audits can audit all listed essential fire safety measures

We can also assess specialised systems such as:

AFAC’s trained professional staff understand and reference the industry’s best information sources.

We use:

✓ AS4655 – 2005 Fire Safety Audits

✓ Building Code of Australia

✓ Australian Standards

✓ NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment At and Regulations (LAW)

✓ NSW Fire & Rescue requirements

✓ Factory Mutual Requirements (where applicable)

✓ Manufacturers’ product recommendation

✓ Building Professionals’ Board

✓ Other States such as QLD audit against the Maintenance Standard (AS1851)

Annual Fire Safety Statements comply with EPAA requirements.