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Adair Fire Audits and Certification is an independent organisation that specialises in Annual Fire Safety Statements commonly referred to as an AFSS.

Fire safety audits that we undertake are a detailed investigation and review of the essential fire safety measures (ESFMs) and other life safety protection systems within a facility. They are undertaken to determine if the fire safety systems meet the benchmarks as detailed by Australian Standards and building codes as listed on the sites fire safety schedule (FSS).

These audits are conducted by Adair Fire Audits and Certification (AFAC) in accordance with Australian Standard 4655 – 2005. The procedure checks the current adequacy of installations, equipment and components as well as services. It reports on the expected performance and make recommendations for compliance with building acts and codes and the requirement of providing a safe workplace.

Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act a building owner MUST provide an AFSS (Annual Fire Safety Statement) to council every year. This is to ensure the building’s essential fire safety measures continue to perform to their original performance standards (as per the fire safety schedule).

This assessment MUST be undertaken by an Accredited Practitioner Fire Safety (APFS) under the FPAS scheme.

Adair Fire Audits will come to your site and undertake the assessment of the fire safety measures nominated for it. We then provide a detailed and easy to understand report outlining any defects. We also provide cost effective and site-specific solutions for you to resolve these in the best way for your site.. 

Annual fire safety statements (AFSS) - Fire Protection & Certification - Fire Audits

Accredited Practitioner Fire Protection

AFAC has numerous fire safety auditors that accredited under the FPAS scheme to undertake fire safety audits for the endorsement of fire safety measures on an Annual Fire Safety statement.

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) was formally approved by the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service under section 59 of the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018.

You can look us up and confirm we are accredited and the fire safety measures we can endorse.