Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) Wyong

Ensure your premises comply with Annual Fire Safety Statements

Under Australian law, business operators and building owners need to properly maintain their fire protection and safety systems. These systems must be in line with benchmarks detailed in applicable Australian standards and building codes. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide safe workplaces. One of those obligations is to ensure their premises and safety systems are up to date with current fire safety requirements. In NSW we do that with Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS).

Adair Fire Audits can help your business become or remain compliant. They are an independent fire safety organisation specialising in fire protection building code audits and certification. All audits are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards 4655-2005, to review your essential fire safety measures (EFSMs) and ensure compliance with legislation, building codes and benchmarks related to fire protection systems.

Adair’s Wyong Fire Safety Audit and Certification Services help You Meet Your Annual Fire Safety Requirements

Wyong, part of the beautiful Central Coast region of NSW, is a busy town nestled approximately halfway between Newcastle and Sydney. Surrounded by the stunning natural bushland there are inherent fire risks from bushfires and, with numerous businesses and property developments going ahead in the Wyong area all the time, there is an ever-present risk of residential, commercial, and industrial fires.

Building owners and business operators need to ensure buildings and business premises are safe places for their occupants and employees at all times are required to have solid fire safety measures in place to deal with fire emergencies.

Prevention and preparation are key to managing and surviving fire emergencies. Adair Fire Audits offers a full range of professional, independent fire safety audit and certification services, to ensure your building meets its annual fire safety compliance and documentation requirements.

Annual Fire Audits, Fire Safety Statements and Fire Protection Certification in Wyong

Annual Fire Audits, Fire Safety Statements and Fire Protection Certification in Wyong

Adair Fire Audits’ high-quality, comprehensive fire audits, Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) and Fire Protection Certification can help Wyong employers and building owners and managers to ensure their premises are prepared for fire emergencies. We provide the practical advice and assistance needed to ensure that:

  • Buildings and fire safety systems are designed in compliance with fire protection and essential fire services regulations and building codes.
  • Potential fire safety hazards are identified and rectified.
  • Buildings are equipped with the necessary fire protection systems.
  • All fire prevention and detection systems and equipment are functioning properly and are well-maintained.

Our team of fire safety professionals have extensive experience and local knowledge, and our cost-effective fixed price contracts assist you to control the costs associated with ensuring your building is safe and complies with all applicable fire safety standards and regulations.

Adair Fire Audits provides exceptional service and advice to help your Wyong building or business meet all of its annual fire protection requirements. We offer a range of fire safety compliance and certification services and our independent consultants can even liaise with builders, architects, Wyong Local Council, and the NSW Fire Brigade on your behalf.

Organise A Fire Safety Audit or Annual Fire Safety Statement Inspection for Your Wyong Premises today

To find out how Adair Fire Audits can help you meet your fire safety requirements and potentially save lives, or to schedule a Fire Safety Audit or Annual Fire Safety Statement inspection, call Adair Fire Audits today on 02 8004 5142, or got to to use our live chat box to speak with one of our friendly staff. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form to have an Adair Fire Audits & Certification representative contact you as soon as possible.

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