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Ensure compliance with fire safety standards with the Sydney Annual Fire Safety Statement specialists

Under Australian, and particularly New South Wales, law, building owners and business operators have to provide proof that fire protection and safety systems underwent an audit and are up to date with current fire safety requirements, as specified in the applicable Australian standards and building codes. NSW and Australian law also states that employers have a responsibility to provide safe workplaces and ensure their premises and safety systems meet the current benchmarks for fire safety and fire protection.

Adair Fire Audits is an industry-leading, customer service-oriented, fire safety organisation specialising in fire protection building code audits and certification. We conduct all audits in accordance with Australian Standard 4655-2005, to ensure your building complies with legislation and building codes related to fire safety and protection systems.

How our Fire Safety Audit and Certification services in Sydney can help you meet your annual fire safety requirements

Sydney, the capital of NSW and the largest city in Australia, is a huge, thriving metropolis that enjoys constant growth and development. There are hundreds of new property developments going on and new businesses establishing themselves in the Sydney area at any one time. This means there is a consistent need for property owners, managers, and employers to schedule annual fire safety audits to ensure buildings and business premises are safe places for their occupants.

Fire safety regulations are important safeguards to help protect residents and employees from the risk of fire, however prevention and preparation are key to survival. Adair Fire Audits’ independent consultants provide a full range of high-quality, independent fire safety audit and certification services, to ensure your premises meets its annual requirements for fire safety compliance and documentation.

Fire Audits, Fire Protection Certification, Annual Fire Safety Statements Sydney: Adair Fire Audits

Fire Audits, Fire Protection Certification and Annual Fire Safety Statements in Sydney with Adair Fire Audits

Adair Fire Audits and Certification can help building owners and managers and business operators in Sydney to ensure their premises are prepared for fire emergencies, compliant with fire protection and essential fire services regulations and building codes. We provide the practical advice needed to ensure that:

  • Buildings and fire safety systems are designed in compliance with building codes and regulations.
  • Premises are equipped with the appropriate fire prevention and detection systems.
  • All fire safety systems and equipment are functional and properly maintained.
  • Potential fire safety hazards are promptly identified and addressed.

Our team of fire safety professionals provide superior service and reliable advice to help your Sydney premises meet all annual fire safety requirements. Also, our cost-effective, affordable, fixed price contracts assist you to control the costs associated with providing safe premises that comply with all applicable fire safety standards and regulations.

Adair Fire Audits’ independent consultants provide a full range of services associated with fire safety compliance and certification, including liaison with architects, builders, your Local Council, the NSW Fire Brigade, and other stakeholders on your behalf.

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Annual Fire Safety Statements Sydney
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