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Proposed New Developments for Strata Developers

Planned changes to be introduced in New Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015 and the Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015 which is expected to become Legislation mid 2016 will include requirement of mandatory fire defect inspection reports and building bonds by Developers.


Developers will be required to lodge a 2% bond for the Full contracted price of construction of strata buildings of OVER three storeys.


Developers will also be required to engage an independent building Fire inspector to carry out a defect inspection, at their cost, approximately 12 Months after the completion of their New development. The building inspection should identify fire defects, and recommend repairs.


According to Craig Watkins, General Manager, of Adair Fire Audits & Certification “Once Identified, defects must be rectified by the developer, if they fail to do so the 2% bond will be used for the repairs. If no defects are identified or they are rectified by the developer, the bond will be returned to the developer”.


“Typically Fire safety defects relate to non-compliances with the Provisions of the National Construction Code, previously the BCA” Craig Added.


Adair Fire Audits and Certification are experienced in undertaking such Fire Defect Audits and developing practical, cost effective solutions to rectification works.



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